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Kellylee Evans3

Kellylee Evans

Music Vocalist

Internationally acclaimed and Juno award winning singer-songwriter Kellylee Evans has been making waves around the world with her energy charged performances. With six albums to her name and a gruelling touring schedule, she was no stranger to the hard work involved in making a successful career.

Yet, after a life altering lightning strike in 2013 and then a concussion in 2015, the mother of three was forced to halt her busy touring schedule. In the years since, she has explored multiple healing modalities in search of optimal health and a return to functional living.

Today, when she's not performing, Kellylee travels speaking about her journey to recovery and sharing an inspiring message of self-care and finding your own super powers. It's a message that those who have suffered or are living or working with those with a brain injury can identify with. But it's also a message that speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever had their life interrupted by an illness or setback.


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Judy Gargaro 800

Judy Gargaro

Clinical and Systems Implementation Associate, ABI

Judy Gargaro is the Clinical and Systems Implementation Associate for the ABI programme at the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. Her current focus is on the implementation of the Clinical Practice Guideline for the Rehabilitation of Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and the Standards for Post-Concussion Care. The implementation activities are occurring across the province and she is working with administrators, clinicians and policy makers to improve the quality of care available to persons after brain injury.

Judy has also worked as a Research Coordinator on numerous projects over the last 25 years in a variety of clinical and academic settings studying mental health issues, diabetes, addiction, spinal cord injury and in particular brain injury. She has extensive research experience co-ordinating and managing projects and has many publications in peer-reviewed journals.