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Keynote Speaker

Main Ballroom


Mark Jones

Warrant Officer

TBI Resulting from Explosive Blast Wave Propagation

A Soldiers Perspective

Warrant Officer Mark Jones has served in the military for over 20 years and currently holds a position in the Joint Counter Explosive Threat Task Force in the Defeat the Device Section. WO Jones suffered an ABI during his 2008-9 tour in Afghanistan and will share his recovery experience.

Plenary Speaker

Main Ballroom


Dr. Catherine Mateer

Professor of Psychology / Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Mateer will begin her presentation with a discussion of emerging research on the drivers of neuroplasticity, the factors appear to result in underlying changes in brain function, and how these principles can be incorporated into rehabilitation practice. Understanding brain recovery has been greatly enhanced by new technologies. These technologies have and can increasingly play an important role in supporting cognitive and emotional functioning in people with a variety of acquired and developmental neurological disorders. From electronic memory aids to adventures in virtual reality, new technologies offer exciting new tools for rehabilitation, and may be able to facilitate positive changes in a rage of functional domains.

Dr. Catherine Mateer is Professor of Psychology at the University of Victoria and a Clinical Neuropsychologist. She is considered a pioneer in the rehabilitation of cognitive,behavioural and emotional functioning following brain injury, writing three books and over 120 published articles and book chapters. She undertook some of the first studies on improving attention skills, working memory and executive functions in people with brain injury, as well as describing the development and training of effective compensatory interventions for memory and self-regulation. She has also studied and advocated for the importance of increasing self-awareness and self-efficacy. Dr.Mateer’s contributions to rehabilitation have been acknowledged in awards from the American Psychological Association and from the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. She also holds an award from the British Columbia Psychology Association that is named for her, the Catherine Mateer Scientist Practitioner Award.

Concurrent Break Out Sessions

Main Ballroom


Joel Paquette, B.Sc.(H.K.), M. Sc.(O.T.)

Registered Occupational Therapist

Joel will present how a structured errorless learning strategy was used, in conjunction with environmental cues to increase occupational performance in areas of self-care, productivity and leisure for a client with an acute severe traumatic brain injury.

Joel Paquette graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. He started working in private practice with Swanson & Associates as a new graduate and has been working there in a community-based setting for over three years. He has experience in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries of all severities, mental health, chronic pain, and spinal cord injuries. Outside of work, Joel is an active individual that enjoys playing hockey, soccer, hiking, and biking


Sophie J. Terrasse, M.A., AATQ, IKYTA, CLYT

Director and Founder of Laughter Capital & Sunflower Institute Ottawa

In this incredible and dynamic 1 hour session, you will understand and experiment the new concept of Laughter Yoga (LY ) and verify the impact on your body and mind.
The session includes : a short presentation about concept, philosophy and benefits of LY, a self assessment (before and after the LY session) , a long laughter yoga session ending with relaxation/meditation and Q&A. Most of the session will be activity based .
LY is a new revolution in body mind medicine which combines simple laughter exercises and gentle yoga breathing to enhance healing and happiness.

Sophie Terrasse first graduated from Université Claude Bernard, in Lyon, France, as a Speech Language Pathologist. She also holds a Master Degree in Art Therapy from UQAT (Université du Québec in Abitibi Témiscamingue) and is certified as a Kundalini Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher. Sophie Terrasse offers therapy services, teaching seminars, group workshops and retreats in Canada and around the world, where she has also been a guest speaker in various conventions and conferences.